CHD-N50 Hinged Door

CHD-N50 Hinged Door

Hinged door CHD-N50 is casement system for areas with warmer climate, ensuring high quality constructions and application of various typologies with considerable thermal performance. It is ideal for renovations, combining safety and functionality, without requiring high investment costs.

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Overview of CHD-N50 Hinged Door

SystemHinged Door(Non-Thermal Break)
Model No./
MaterialAluminum Alloy/Glass/Aluminum Sheet/Aluminum Composite Panel/Galvanized Sheet
HardwareChinese top brand(Kin Long)/Germany brand
Glass TypeTempered/Float/Laminated/DGU/Ceramic Fritted/LowE/Tinted/Reflective/Heat Soak
Cooperated Glass BrandVitro(Formerly PPG)/Pilkington/Xinyi(SYG)/Yaopi(SYP)/Fuyao/Southglass(SG)/Kibing/CNG/TaiwanGlass
Surface TreatmentPowder Coating/PVDF/Anodized/Electrophoresis/Wooden Grain
Profile Brand6063-T5/6063-T6
Thermal ProfileNon-Thermal Break
StandardsIn Compliance With ASTM/AS/NZS/AAMA/NFRC/EN/BSI/ISO
ApplicationResidential Apartment, Villa/Commercial Hotel, Mall, Office, Public Organization
System CustomizationAvailable

Data of CHD-N50 Hinged Door

Testing Data of CHD-N50 Hinged Door

Open and Close Operable Sash Test (AS/NZS 4420.1:2016)--No damage was observed after the test.
Preloading (ASNZS 4420.1:2016)+1.02kPa
No separation, plastic deformations or deleterious was observed.
Deflection Test under the Specified Positive and Negative Wind Load (AS/NZS 4420.1:2016)+2.04kPa
No glass breakage, collapse and permanent deformation was observed. Deflections of framing members as well as glass panel were within the allowable deflection limits
Operating Force Test (ASNZS 4420.1:2016)--The test forces for initiate movement and sustain movement were within allowable values.
Air Infiltration Test (AS/NZS 4420.1:2016)+75Pa
The rate of air leakage of the specimen was within the allowable values.
Water Penetration Resistance Test (AS/NZS 4420.1:2016)+615PaNo water leakage was observed.
Ultimate Strength Test (AS/NZS 4420.1:2016)+3.15kpa
No collapse of the test specimen was observed under the specified pressure.

Thermal Data of CHD-N50 Hinged Door

NFRC ProceduresNFRC100SB, NFRC200-2010 and NFRC500-2010
Software ToolsTHERM and WINDOW
Configuration6mm LB13-45#2HS+12AR+6mm Clear HST
Panel Dimension970mm Wide x 2750mm High
FramePainted Aluminum
Panel U-value5.178W/m2k
Visible Light Transmission0.187
Condensation Resistant20.4

Frame Data of CHD-N50 Hinged Door

Parts Location

Frame Area/m2Edge Area/m2U-Value(Frame)
Left Jamb0.52200.14908.75912.1954
Right Jamb0.52200.14908.75912.1954

Glass Data of CHD-N50 Hinged Door

Glass Data:6mm LB13-45#2HS+12AR+6mm Clear HST
Visible LightSHGCSCNFRC U-value

Benefits of CHD-N50 Hinged Door

  •  Very good value for money

  •  Increased level of security

  •  High level of sound insulation

  •  Enhanced natural light

  •  Increased static loads and functionality in case of severe weather conditions

  •  Exceptional quality with certified performances

  •  Ease of use and high functionality

  •  Entrance doors with ease of access according to specifications for people with special needs

Configuration of CHD-N50 Hinged Door


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