CAR-01 Aluminum Railing (Rectangular Rails)

CAR-01 Aluminum Railing (Rectangular Rails)

CAR-01 is a reliable aluminum railing system in rectangular shapes. Coating superior powder coating or PVDF coating with AAMA/ASTM standards can be outstandingly working in outdoor conditions. Due to its cost-competitive and certified quality, it is a competitive choice for homeowners or builders.  

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Overview of CAR-01 Aluminum Railing (Rectangular Rails)

SystemAluminum Railings(Rectangular Rails)
Model No.CAR-01
MaterialAluminum Alloy/Steel Plate
Surface TreatmentPowder Coating/PVDF/Anodized/Electrophoresis/Wooden Grain
Profile Brand6063-T5/6063-T6
StandardsIn Compliance With ASTM/AS/NZS/AAMA/NFRC/EN/BSI/ISO
ApplicationResidential Apartment, Villa, Commercial Hotel, Mall, Office, Public Organization
ColorColor Customization based on RAL/Pantone/etc..
System CustomisationAvailable

Data of CAR-01 Aluminum Railing (Rectangular Rails)

Testing Data of CAR-01 Aluminum Railing (Rectangular Rails)

In-fill Load187 lbs187 lbsPass
Vertical Uniform 171 plf171 plfPass
Horizontal Uniform Load57 plf57 plfPass
Mid-span Concentrated Load375 lbs375 lbsPass
Adjacent to Post Connection Concentrated Load375 lbs375 lbsPass
Top of Post
Concentrated Load
375 lbs375 lbsPass
Top of Post –
Ultimate Load
428.3 lbsAs ReportedAs Reported
Height of Guards1070 mm≥ 1070 mmPass
Openings in GuardsBetween pickets: 98 mm
Under bottom rail: 64 mm
< 100 mmPass
Design to Not Facilitate ClimbingNo elements protruding from the vertical between 140 mm and 900 mm that facilitate climbingNo elements from the vertical between 140 mm and 900 mm that facilitate climbingPass

Loads on Guards Data of CAR-01 Aluminum Railing (Rectangular Rails)

DirectionTestDesign Load (Inward/Outward)(lbf)Factored LoadCalculated Moment (lbf-ft)Equivalent Quarter Point Load (lbf)Required Proof Load (lbf)Deflections (in.)Pass/Fail
OutwardIndividual Elements
(over 12 in. x 12 in.)
Vertical Uniform Load
(per ft)
Horizontal Uniform Load
(per ft)
Midspan Horizontal
Concentrated Load
Top Rail Adjacent to
Concentrated Load
Top of Post Concentrated Load225375--3758.232Pass

DirectionTestDesign Load (Inward/Outward)(kN)Factored LoadCalculated Moment (kNm)

Equivalent Quarter Point Load (kN)

Required Proof Load (kN)Deflections (mm)Pass/Fail
OutwardIndividual Elements (over 300 mm in. x 300 mm)0.50.83--0.83 51.00 Pass
Vertical Uniform Load (per m) 2.40 Pass
Horizontal Uniform Load (per m)0.50.830.621.022.03 108.20 Pass
Midspan Horizontal Concentrated Load11.67--1.67 97.20 Pass
Top Rail Adjacent to
Concentrated Load
11.67--1.67 150.30 Pass
Top of Post Concentrated Load11.67--1.67 209.10 Pass

Benefit of CAR-01 Aluminum Railing (Rectangular Rails)

  • Minimal design with straight lines, no visible fixation points

  •  Variety of technical solutions and design proposals

  •  Possibility of large-scale constructions

  •  Designed for construction ease

  •  Extensive range of powder coat colors.

  •  Engineered base plates

  •  Easy to clean/maintain, compared to glass/stainless steel

Configuration of CAR-01 Aluminum Railing (Rectangular Rails)


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